Individual Personal Fitness Training & Cardio Fitness Boxing


If you do not need help with your nutrition, then this is the program for you . No minimum purchase required ( I would suggest 5 weeks at 2 times per week for best results ).

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” Individual Personal Fitness Training 80″

  • Include Fitness Boxing Training
    • Covers basic boxing technique and drills
    • Improve your core strength and balance
    • Hand eye coordination and speed drills
    • Improve your cardiovascular and muscle endurance
    • Exercise may include: push-up, sit-up, planks, ┬ábody weight thrusters, walk-outs and prowlers and shadow boxing with resistance bands
  • Individual Personal Fitness Training
    • Programs design to fit your very specific fitness needs.
    • Exercise progression for beginners
    • Emphasis on increase strength without getting bulky
    • Increased cardiovascular fitness training
    • Muscle endurance
    • Core fitness training