Weight Loss Fitness Coaching


This program is designed for those that need guidance for a safe, healthy weight loss program . It’s not about getting a “six pack” ,  it is about learning how to maintain a healthy weight.



20 Week Weight Loss Fitness Program… building a better version of you…together!

  • Includes individualized plan based on weight loos fitness goals plan is adjusted as needed based on progress
  • Easy to follow fitness routine
  • Nutritional Timing
  • Macro nutrient recommendation
  • 60 minute intake via in-person ( within 2 mile radius of our business address )phone, Skype or Zoom
  • 30 minute weekly follow-up
  • Success Guide and goal setting sheet
  • Nutritional Profile Measurement chart.
  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Fat Loss
  • Testimonial after program completion
  • 10 Day Detox Program all files are PDF

*** All PDF and Word documents will be emailed after the initial 60 minute intake***


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